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Freemason Company

Freemason Collection

Freemasons passionnate about Freemasonry...

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Freemason Collection

We are Freemasons, as you are I suppose.
The Craft is our passion. and we are especially interested by the treasures that Freemasonry has always provided to our world: his teachings, his fraternity, his symbolic universe ...

Since the early eighteenth century, Freemasonry has motivated the creation of so beautiful regalia: aprons, jewels, lodge furnishings, everyday objects ... we can see them today in museums and art books.
But for several years, we can deplore a real impoverishment of the masonic regalia. Plastic has replaced lambskin. Zamac has replaced bronze. Machines have replaced hand embroidery. The taste of profit has replaced the taste of well done work.

Fortunately, the brethren who have a certain taste for beautiful work know that Freemason Collection continues the tradition.
Freemason Collection, creates and produces the most beautiful regalia in Freemasonry. As in the olden times. First choice lambskin, silk, hand embroidery, bullion, moire ribbons...
Freemason Collection (Franc-Maçon Collection for French speakers and Francmasón Colección for Hispanics) is now recognized worldwide as the benchmark for high quality of its masonic regalia. We export our products over 42 countries in the world !

Masonry gives us many more beauties and we work to make them accessible to all the brethren.
After several years of research, we have collected an unrivaled collection of artworks and masonic masterpieces. Today you can find this collection online issued on the finest materials.

Then, like you I guess, we dreamed to have one of these splendid Ancient Aprons, so much more beautiful than those we wear nowadays. So, after long technical researches, we finally came to reproduce them. And, let's say it, we are proud of our results. We have again chosen the most beautiful materials. Genuine white lambskin, tanned without blemish, like originals.

But Masonic Works are not only pictorial. They are also Texts… and Rituals. You will find here a huge collection of masonic e-books and hundreds of rituals including many workings, rites, degrees and side degrees. Most of these texts and rituals are downloadable immediately. It's so useful…
You will also find many high quality lodge items and supplies that you will not find anywhere else.

Quality and exclusivity. Here are the two great pillars of Freemason Collection
The third being the service. Make the experience by calling us ...

Client Service

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are entirely at your disposal...

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By Email:
You can rely on a rapid reply (mostly immediate, and always within 24h of working days).

By Phone:
UK (London): 020 3129 1081
9:00 am to 6:30 pm - Monday to Saturday

US (NYC): (646) 770-3865
8:00 am to 1:30 pm (ET) - Monday to Saturday

Spain: 931 768 472
10:00 to 19:30 pm - Monday to Saturday

International: +33 952 42 49 61
8:00 to 17:30 GMT - Monday to Saturday

By Skype: Ask for our pseudo

Our clientèle being international, we speak English, French and Spanish and understand Italian and Portuguese pretty well. If you speak another language we will always find a solution.

Our products

Quality, originality, exclusivity...

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We have chosen to make quality and quality only. We think our Art worth it. That's the reason why you only will find here products executed according to the Best Practice.

Masonic Regalia Our Masonic Regalia is surely the most beautiful you can find today. Just because we use the finest materials and we have the greatest expertise.
Our aprons are made of genuine lambskin or pure silk, as in the olden times. (Today, most Masonic aprons are made of imitation or agneline, nice words for plastic imitations! . Others so-called leather or lambskin are in reality reconstituted leather or split leather. It's a shame...
Some of our models are made with silk (real silk, of course). All our aprons can be made with silk instead of lambskin and vice versa. Just ask…
For the ribbons borders we use real watermark moire ribbons, especially made for us in deep colors and beautiful sheens. We can also make all the aprons with first choice grosgrain or velvet.
Our aprons are hand embroided. The finest embroidery you have ever seen. Gold and silver bullion wire, superb designs, very experimented craftsmen. You will enjoy the difference...

Masonic Aprons Our Masonic Aprons
FreemasonCollection proposes to all masonic art connoisseurs, exclusive reproductions of superb Ancient Aprons.
These high quality aprons are made in the most beautiful lambskins, like in the past. The colors prints are virtually identical to the colors of the original aprons. A particular processing even makes possible to keep an age-old aspect apron.The edges are carried out with ribbons reproducing the original..
XVIIIth or XIXth century aprons are so scarce today that their coast reaches unheard prices. Now you can now enjoy the beauty of these Ancient Aprons for a very reasonable price. Wear this apron in lodge to impress your brethren ;-), or frame it like a rare and inestimable art work. An extra time of minimum a full week, in addition of shipping time, is necessary, each apron being manufactured especially for each customer.

If you wish to make your own apron like in the XVIIIth century, do not hesitate to ask for, we will do our best to satisfy your requirements.

Masonic ReproductionsMasonic Art Reproductions
You can choose among more than 600 Artworks. FreemasonCollection is the largest masonic art collection on the web. The result of many years of research. You will find here many different works but always in connection with Masonry, operative or speculative. If you are a Freemason or a masonic art connoisseur, you will surely enjoy a lot only by visiting our web site. We only use higher quality substrates for our art prints. Artist Canvas for paintings. Fine Art Paper, smooth, textured or watercolor for the other works.
Our sophisticated digital printers ensure high resolution output of our art prints. Moreover, each art print is specially manufactured for each customer, under control of a specialist, which guarantees the best conditions of realization and an optimal quality result.

Masonic PaintingsOther advantage for you: our canvas are shipped without stretcher frame. You won't pay unnecessary shipping cost (to ship a stretcher frame is often more expensive than the stretcher itself !) For same reasons, we do not offer framing service for our paintings, engravings or other artwoks. A beautiful framing done by your neighbourhood framer will be less pricey. Simply because you will not have to pay shipping expenses for the frame itself (costly and needless). No-brainer.

Masonic Awards and CertificatesMasonic Awards and Certificates
Our Awards, Certificates and Diplomas have been created to help the lodges to thank for his hard work and dedication a brother Secretary, Treasurer, Organist ... or any other brother the Lodge wants to show his gratitude and attachment
You will find a wide range of acacia or metal gavels, several models of squares, framed awards for all the offices of the lodge. All these objects are customizable to your needs.

Masonic Items Our Masonic Objects and Items are also original creations. You will find these objects only at Freemason Collection and nowhere else.
Hip Flasks, Tshirts, Baby Bibs ... always original and quality items. Our range is expected to become wider and wider in times to come.

Masonic Lodge Furnishings Lodge Furnishings
Freemason Collection have created an exclusve and original range of Lodge items. After noting that some Lodge or Chapter items were really far too expensive or just too ugly, or simply unavailable, we decided to make them.
Of course, these items are handmade and of the highest quality. They are manufactured in UK, Europe or US.

e-Rituals and e-Books

Because Freemasonry also lives in the digital ages...

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These e-Rituals and e-Books are very useful:
They are available very quickly. Order. Pay. Your ritual will be sent by email in the shortest possible time (usually a few hours, sometimes a little more time if it's out of opening times). They are in Word format (some are in PDF), therefore workable by everyone. In Word or another text editor, you can modify or customize as you want. If you have some sight difficulties (being elder, brother...), you will be glad to enlarge the text as you want. You can search a word or a phrase in the text (with Word: Edit-Search). It's very useful when you need to work on a text. You can of course read these texts on your PC and also print them with your classic printer. This can be perfect to learn you ritual (and make some reminders ;-)

Masonic e-Rituals
Masonic e-Rituals
Freemason Collection offers hundreds of rituals including many workings, rites, degrees and side degrees.
In order to keep unreveled the secrets of freemasonry, these rituals can be read by possessors of the degree only. The ritual file is protected and to open it you must enter as password the Word of the degree. (As many times some degrees have several Words and Passwords, we always indicate the first and the last letter and the number of letters you must enter). Detailled instructions are provided with the ritual. It's easy.
Some rituals (rare) are provided with their masked version only or an almost complete version. This, simply because we do not possess the complete ritual. One day, maybe ...

Masonic e-Books
Masonic e-Books
Historical Texts, Old Charges, Early Masonic Exposures, Masonic studies and literature, FreemasonCollection provide the essential Masonic Texts.
FreemasonCollection also offers famous literary works referring to Freemasonry. These references being highlighted in the texts. Enjoy Joyce, Burns or Kipling. Be surprised by Mr Verdant Green Adventures...

Our Collection is growing up every day. Do not miss to visit us regularly. If you have any query, we will be glad to help you.

Custom and Made to Order

Custom Regalia and Lodge furnishings. Personalizations and Original Gifts

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Aprons, Collars, Sashes, exceptional Regalia...

As in the old days, make your regalia according to your own wishes. Using your own designs or our wide range of symbols already patterned. You can also use the models we present and make any changes you want ...
Unique regalia, original Lodge regalia, unobtainable regalia for very rare rites, commemorative regalia… all our items are hand embroidered, so everything is possible to make. From one to hundreds items.
And always at reasonable prices ...
Bespoke Aprons, Collars, Saches, exceptional Regalia

Lodge Banners

The Banners tradition dates back to the very beginning of Freemasonry, even corporations already umpire their distinctive banners. This tradition is currently experiencing a revival. And it's fortunate, because done properly, banners are an incomparable decorum highlighting the personality of the Lodge.
Our banners are hand made and hand embroidered, of course, on the finest materials. The result is a magnificent quality.
In addition, you can count on the dual competences (Masonic and graphics) of our design studio which is able to help and advise you in creating your banner.
And always at reasonable prices ...
Bespoke Lodge Banners

Medals et Medallions

We say No to zamak medals ! We say No to the poor quality of Masonic medals today !
Our medals are made from bronze, brass, noble metals or alloys, gold or silver plated. The quality of yesteryear...
In addition, you can count on the dual competences (Masonic and graphics) of our design studio which is able to help and advise you in creating your banner.
And always at reasonable prices ...
Bespoke Medals et Medallions

Grand Lodge Regalia

Exceptional regalia is our speciality. And in this matter, the unparalleled quality of our hand embroidery makes the difference.
We must say we are very proud to see the list of Grand Masters and Grand Officers around the world who wear our regalia.
Creating new designs regalia for a new Grand Lodge is an extraordinary experience we did several times, brilliantly, thanks to the dual competences (Masonic and graphics) of our design studio But the real art is also to make the difference with very classic regalia. Something indefinable: the wow effect of our regalia...
And always at reasonable prices ...
Bespoke Grand Lodge Regalia

Original Gifts for Lodges and Ladies Festivals

At last !Original quality Masonic gifts . A few items only or the largest quantities, we can create for you a range of masonic items customized for your Lodge or your event. Small gadgets or very sophisticated objects but always with great ideas ...
And always at reasonable prices.
Original Gifts for Lodges and Ladies Festivals

Personalizations an Customizations

Most of our regalia can be customized. We can hand embroider your name on the back of the bib of your apron, at the back of your collar or your sash. We can also hand embroider the name of your lodge or your chapter on your regalia.
Many objects for the lodge, gifts or awards can also be marked according to your needs.
Most of our items can also be customized to your specific needs. We can change colors, sizes, materials ....
And always at reasonable prices.
Personalizations an Customizations<


Our workshop is also able to make many specific lodge supplies and furnishings... Whatever your project, please let us know..
Feel free to

Bespoke lodge furnishings

Means of payment

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Bank Transfer...

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Online Payment
Freemason Collection has chosen Paypal for secure online payments. You may therefore pay with allthe major payment cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Maestro… or your Paypal account.
Mastercard Visa

You have no obligation to have a Paypal account to purchase online

The prices are given in Euros. By clicking the currency symbols$ £ ... situated beside the prices, you can have an approximate conversion to in all the currencies in the world, at that day’s rate. Your card will be charged in Euros and the conversion will be made automatically by your bank without you having to do anything further.

A few explanations about the basket of payment:
It’s very simple. Whenever you want to buy an article, all you have to do is click on "Add to the basket". This article will then be added to your Paypal virtual basket. You may then either continue your purchases and close the basket, or pay for your purchases immediately. You may modify your order at any time (cancel, delete, add). You may also consult the contents of your basket at any time by clicking on "Your basket". When you have decided to pay, all you have to do is click on "Pay now" in your virtual basket. You are then transferred to the Paypal site for secure payment (you will see that the web address begins with "https", the "s" guaranteeing a secure server). We do not at any time gain knowledge of your credit card numbers. We are simply notified that a payment has taken place and on your side you will receive a proof of payment by e-mail. That’s all.

Bank Transfer
Online payment is the more useful and the fastest mean of payment, but if you don't like to pay online you can also order by Email or by Phone and pay with a Bank Transfer. Call us or email us and we will give you all our bank data (IBAN, SWIFT…)to give to your bank. By Email:
By Phone: +33 9 52 42 49 61
From Monday to Friday, 10:30 to 19:30. Here it's currently
We speak English, French and Spanish and understand Italian and Portuguese pretty well. If you speak another language we will always find a solution.

If you have the slightest doubt or worry, do not hesitate to contact us.

Shipping Times. Making Times

Modes of Delivery and Lead Times

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Masonic Dove

Confidential Shipping
All orders are shipped discreetly.
No allusion to Freemasonry will appear.

Shipping with Tracking and Insurance
This service includes tracking and insurance.
Delivery times are guaranteed by the by the courier service (DHL, UPS, TNT, Colissimo…):
UK and European Union: 2/3 days
United States and Canada: 3/4 days
Rest of the World: 4/10 Days

Prices are those indicated on the web page.
Shipping costs are regressive from the 2nd item.
These prices and delivery times apply to the major urban centers. For badly served or back of beyond places, please contact us.

Free of Charges Shipping
We deliver free of charges worldwide with Priority Mail Service.
No tracking system and no insurance are available fort this service.
Here are the shipping times given by the Mail Post Service but as you know, the Mail Post Services are not committed on delivery times. So these shipping times are only indicatives.
Western Europe: 3 days. US/Canada/Eastern Europe: 4/8 days, Australai/South America/Asia: 6/10 days.
From experience, these shipping times are mostly observed but on rare occasions, delays can be very larges (several weeks, even several months) even on very well served destinations.
This service is indicated if you have no emergency and if the amount of your order is not important. We strongly advise against this service for Africa, Middle East, South America and all the places where the Postal Service is not always reliable.

Urgent Deliveries
We can offer an urgent delivery service on demand. Please contact us, we will do our best to help you.

Manufacturing Times
Our high quality aprons, collars and other regalia are especially made for you by highly qualified craftmen. We are able to custom each item according to any of your demand.
It takes usually about 5 weeks for making,
a little more if the regalia is complex.
Never forget we are making Hand Embroidered regalia only. High Quality needs time. It's your guarantee of an outstanding result.
We have a little stock for 'emergencies', contact us if you are really hurry.
Officer jewels and breast medals are usually available in a week or two. All our products beeing executed especially for each customer, you may, of course, foresee some making times.

Here are some indicative making times (opened days) for some of our products:
Masonic Atworks replicas on Canvas or Art Paper : approx. 1 week.
Ancient Aprons reproductions: approx. 15 days
Personalized Gavels and Squares: approx. 15 days
Awards and Certificates: approx. 1 week
Hip Flasks : approx. 1 or 2 weeks
T-shirts and Bibs: approx. 1 week
Leather Goods: approx. 2/3 weeks
Lodge and Chapter Carpets: approx. 3 weeks
Lodge Furnishings: from a few days to several weeks
E-Rituals and E-Books: a few hours, a little more outside working hours.

Feel free to call us for more information about the making times of the product you are interested by.

If it's an "emergency" contact us, we will do our best to give you satisfaction.

Further Informations
In case of unexpected delay, the client will be informed by email.
Shipping damages must be notified at the moment of delivery to the shipping company and UMPB. If necessary FreemasonCollection will replace the item. The client just have to return the item with the legal report of the shipping company. The client may return any item if he is not totally satisfied. He simply have to return, at his own charge, the item within 48 hours (from date of delivery), in perfect condition, in its original package. This is available for all items except those customized, personalized or especially made for the client. e-Rituals and e-Books are not refundable.
Goods are shipped under the carrier's and buyer's liability.

Security and Privacy

I will hele, conceal and never reveal...

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Sécurité et confidentialité

FreemasonCollection guarantees a total confidentiality concerning your data.
FreemasonCollection will not sell, distribute, barter or transfer any information obtained from a user to a third party. Ever. Without exception.
More, if you wish it, we will withdraw your data of our basis on simple request by e-mail.

Concerning informations about your payment card, it's very easy, FreemasonCollection have no communication of your card numbers or other payment informations. For any on-line payment, all the transactions are handled by Paypal specializing in e-commerce security and internationally well known for its reliability. When making a purchase on our Site, your shopping is performed under a secure mode using SSL encryption (128Bits) the Internet standard for secure transactions. No card number will be known by FreemasonCollection. And this is better like that... ...

Legal Notice

Terms and conditions

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By visiting this web site the customer agrees these terms and conditions.
By clicking on « Add to Basket » he confirms his agreement

1/ The contract between UMPB and the customer strictly follows terms and conditions explained hereafter. Variations of the customer's standard terms do not apply. All special arrangements outside of the standard product offering must be submitted in written form to UMPB and accepted in written form by UMPB. is the trade mark of UMPB internet website.

2/ The customer is required to provide truthfully all details requested on the order form. Any damage or expense resulting from false or incorrect information provided by the customer, becomes the sole responsibility of the customer.

3/ Products offered by UMPB via the internet or other media and the order form do not constitute an order, but are a request for the customer to place such an order, which UMPB can in return accept or not. Submission of the completed order form is considered as placing an order.

4/ Invoiced prices are those displayed on the web site at the time of order placement. They are indicated in Euros and are to be paid in Euros. Prices indicated in other currencies are only given for information. Orders must be paid by payment cards. Visa or Mastercard. uses a SSl 128 bits encrypted secure payment system handled by Paypal. Prices are indicated all taxes included for the countries of European Community. For the others countries import tax, customs fees, value added tax and other taxes have to be paid by the addressee at the delivery, if necessary.

5/ UMPB provides on its site, a description of the main characteristics of the goods offered for sale. These product descriptions are accompanied, where appropriate and possible, by photographs illustrating the product. UMPB requests that the customers reads these product descriptions carefully. The customer accepts that the product photographs on the web site are only for informational purposes. There can be discrepancies between the photograph and the actual product as a result of the photograph being processed.

6/ A shipping service is provided by UMPB as indicated in the website. Parcels are shipped upon client responsability by adapted shipping companies, depending on products features. Delivery can be made in most countries of the world, but UMPB can decide to refuse delivery for some countries. UMPB can also decide to refuse delivery if UMPB is not sure to be able to provide a secure shipping. FreemasonCollection offers a free of charges shipping service. This service is not contractual or obligatory. It's a complimentary service and can be cancelled punctually or definitively at any time by UMPB. Shipping times are given as information. Shipping being upon client responsability, UMPB is not responsable for shipping delays or damages. Shipping damages must be notified at the moment of delivery to the shipping company and UMPB.

7/ All our artworks beeing executed specialy for each customer, work time has to be added to delivery time. These work time and delivery time are indicative and only given for information. It can be extended due to acts of god or failure of delivery by the shipping company required. In case of unexpected delay, the client will be informed by email and will be autorized to renouce to his order if the the work has not begun.

8/ Shipping damages must be notified at the moment of delivery to the shipping company and UMPB. FreemasonCollection will replace it. The client just have to return the item with the legal report of the shipping company.

9/ The client have the possibility of returning an item if he is not totally satisfied. He simply have to return it, at his own charge, the item within 48 hours (from date of delivery), in perfect condition, in its original package. Retractation is not possible after ordering for all our products made to order, customized, personalized or specially made for the client (article L 121-20 du Code de la Consommation modificated by ordonnance n°2001-741 du 23 août 2001). e-Rituals and e-Books are not refundable.

10/ UMPB guarantees a total confidentiality concerning data collected. UMPB will not sell, distribute, barter or transfer any information obtained from a user to a third party. At any moment the client can request UMPB, to withdraw his data from our database, simply sending an e-mail.

11/ All products remain the property of UMPB until full payment has been received inclusive all shipping charges.

12 / In the case of any litigation resulting from the contractuelle relationship between the customer and UMPB, both parties agree to try to find an amicable solution before taking any legal action. Both parties agree that any litigation resulting from this contract comes within the exclusive jurisdiction of Evreux, France. This is only a translation of the french contract only given for information, the french contract beeing the one and only reference in case of litigation.

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Our Client Service
is at your disposal

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